LegendTrick – Tricking act

Length: 3,5 minutes
Crew: 2- 8 trickers
Stage dimensions: 3m x 5m – 6 x 10m, height: 2,5m

Tricking is growing sport mixing elements from martial arts, gymnastics and breakdancing. Tricking performers create aesthetically pleasing combinations of kicks, flips and twists. LegendTrick trickers are a group of professionals who are passionate about providing the best quality of tricking and acrobatics performance on live shows and for commercial film projects. Our high energy show will bring joy for the audience and legendary atmosphere.

Duo LegendTrick

Length: 3,5 minutes
Crew: Vellu and Karyna Saarela
Stage dimensions: 2x5m min , height: 2,5m

Duo LegendTrick amazes the audience with unbeliavable body coordination, flexibility, balance and beautiful connection between husband and wife. Our pair acrobatics act stands out from the rest with the base also flipping and moving smoothly.

UniFlow – Tricking, Fire, Pyro & Glow Show

Length: 2 – 45 minutes
Crew: 2 – 10 persons
Stage dimensions: 2x4m – 8x10m

World-renowned UniFlow Shows combine impressive fire juggling and mesmerizing fire dancing with energetic tricking acrobatics and martial arts! UniFlow glow shows have illuminated the night in Corporate Events through the years. Want your own logo to the show? You Got It!

UniFlow show has been seen at world-class stages from Singapore to Abu Dhabi and Sao Paolo to San Francisco with unique shows that keep on dazzling the audience from a year to another!

Hoverboard handstand solo

Length: 3 minutes
Crew: Karyna Saarela
Stage dimensions: 3x5m min

This unique act is first of it´s kind in the world. Our beautiful Karyna amazes the audience with something they have definitely never seen before: handstand and contortion act on top of a hoverboard that allows her to spin and move in ways that make the traditional handstand act look very static. Hoverboard handstand solo combines disciplined balance together with the fast spins and elegant movement of ice-skating.

Duo Minja

Acts: Contortion Duo, Duo aerial hoop shaped as 8, lollipop lyra, handstand solos, handstand canes and aerial solos
Crew: Pinja Seppälä and Milla Peijari
Stage dimensions: Depends on the act, ask us!

Duo Minja´s acts are elegant, sensual and full of flexibility and balance! You can book them to perform with high heels or without, making them a perfect combination for in-close gala shows. Duo Minja has toured around the world for 6 years performing in different big events, show productions and private gala shows in countrie including USA, Turkey, Brazin, Germany and Philippines.

Contortion & Handstand solo

Length: 5 minutes
Crew: Kalle Pikkuharju
Stage dimensions: 1,5m x 1,5m min

Kalle combines extremely flexible positions with challenging handstand moves. Despite his young age he has come up with his own way to perform old and traditional circus art form and created a new kind of beautiful mix of contortion and handstands. He has been rewarded with several trophies at international circus festivals, performed around the world and had the chance to learn from the best teachers.

Juggling Solo

Length: 2 – 7 minutes
Crew: Onni Toivonen
Stage dimensions: 2x3m min

Onni’s juggling has been noted in the juggling communities around the whole world for a reason: He adds dance elements to create a smooth and unique style with his on point & high-level juggling. Having competed at Cirque De Demain, working on productions in and out of Finland and performing gala shows he has shaped his style after graduating from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm to stand out from everyone else.

Tricking & Juggling Duo

Length: 3 minutes
Crew: Vellu Saarela & Onni Toivonen
Stage dimensions: 6x8m min

LegendTrick’s Tricking & Juggling Duo combines high energy acrobatics together with extremely precise object manipulation. Have you ever seen a man catch a juggling club during a backflip? Now you can! This duo is a fresh and unique mix of two world-renown talents of their own respective fields.

Teeterboard Act

Length: 2 – 6 minutes
Crew: Aaron Hakala and Lukas Ivanov
Stage dimensions: 4m x 8,5m min

Lukas and Aaron call themselves two flipping idiots, twisted twisting geniuses and fearless jump junkies that are specialized in nerding a specific skill that requires precision, trust and balls. And they have made quite a reputation for themselves in the acrobatics community around the world: They are well-known all over the place.

The name is teeterboard…which basically is a three meter long piece of wood that shoots you high up in the air. Just the way they like it!

After graduating from the University of Dance and Circus they are both excited to take over the world with their wooden board.

Biggest achievements:

  • International Circus Festival of China, Bronze Medal & Special Prize
  • Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Silver Medal & Special Prize
  • Young Stage, Gold Medal & Audience Prize
  • Newcomershow, Audience Prize & Special Prize