Tricking is a growing sport that has found its way to the biggest show and film productions all around the world.

Mixing elements from martial arts, gymnastics and breakdancing, tricking performers create aesthetically pleasing combinations of kicks, flips and twists unseen for the public audience before.

LegendTrick´s professional services include ready show acts, creating and providing artists for customized show productions, performing for TV & movies and tricking acrobatics education in forms of specialized workshops and weekly classes. We help event agencies, show producers, corporate and private clients to lift up the status of their event with a high level show and making it memorable and long-lasting memory for the audience.

Our artists include trickers, fire artists, contortionists, aerialists, pair acrobats, teeterboard artists, jugglers, BMX flatland riders and bbboys. They join LegendTrick for the opportunity to apply their talents for creating unique shows with a great team spirit and showcasing their years of hard work in front of variety of audiences. Their diversity of background, gender, nationality and ideas ensures our clients receive a balance of deep and broad expertise stemming from the fresh and exciting spirit of tricking.”


Guaranteed Quality

Our versatile performers have an experience of 2500 shows and several productions around the world and we always strive for make each of our client happy throughout the whole co-operation process in order to create great long-lasting win-win relationships. LegendTrick team is intense on creating results, eager to learn and appreciative for our client relationships.


Global Talent Network

Due to our large performing arts and entertainment business network we are able to create also bigger, limit breaking projects with world´s leading artists on their own field.


Fresh Solutions

Our creative directors and artists represent and know how to use new trends in the modern innovative entertainment business to bring you the most value. We are always there to answer your questions and give you the most advanced advice.


Always Innovating

Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them and create individual and unique show concepts. Our team is highly communicative and we are happy to create together with our clients to fix our projects to match their needs and even more.


Legendary Performers

LegendTrick performers have earned recognition by winning numerous tricking battles and sport competitions in world´s highest level throughout the years.


High Energy

Our shows will bring joy for the audience and atmosphere full of enthusiasm & wonder. Your customers will never forget your event.


Ready Show Acts

We have more than 10 well-rehearsed 2-5 minute show acts, with choreographies fixed to the music for our clients to choose from.


Customized Show Productions

When you want to have a customized show fixed to the theme, brand or product of your wish we are happy to provide you with the best fit to bring out the magic.


Tricking & Acrobatics Education

Having taught workshops in more than 20 different countries we have created tricking teaching curriculum mixing ideas and concepts from all around the world. More information about Finland´s most popular tricking classes and our tricking gym in Tampere can be found at